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Wall lamp, touch light

1. Ultra-bright LED light-oxidized touch sensor light on four white LED touch tap lights, output to 80 lumens, bright enough to ensure you never stumble in the dark. Wonderful energy saving and environmental protection ensure a long life for your lamp.
2. Touch sensor closet light - turn on - simply touch your finger to the two metal pins on the front of the LED light panel. To turn it off, touch 2 pins again. (Two touch points are easy to use)
3. The battery-powered oxidized touch light is powered by a 3PCS AAA battery (not included) that provides illumination in areas with limited or no electrical energy. (1) Use a safe and reliable battery to prevent light damage caused by battery leakage. 2. If the battery is not fully charged, the lighting time and brightness will be affected.
4. Simple installation - the inner tube can be rotated 180 degrees. Removable 3M adhesive pad. After installing the 3AAA battery (not included), remove the 3M strong sticker on the back and stick it on the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom, dressing table, stairs, garage, shelf area, etc. (Note: Do not change the light from one place to another) Another place, otherwise it will lose its stickiness.)