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1. Energy saving: Automatically turn off the power in the inactive state of 15-30 seconds, turn off the light and turn off immediately after you cross the road. 2. Battery powered: 3x AAA battery powered per motion sensor (battery not included): Recommended battery certified by national testing authority.
3. Peripheral awareness: including dusk to dawn sensor and motion activation. Automatically turns on when motion is detected within 7-10 feet.
4. Super bright LED bulb: Lumen: 20, lasting up to 10,000 hours; easy to install, no hard wiring, with super 3M double-sided rubber pad.
5. Installation: Simple use of super strong 3M double-sided rubber pad, or metal surface with any built-in magnet, indoors and exteriors are very good, especially as stairs, stairs, corridors, darkrooms and cabinets.