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LED Garage Lights

1. Deformed LED Garage Ceiling Light 6000 Lumens, 60W CRI 80 LED Workshop Light Garage, Garage Lights with 3 Adjustable Panels, Practical LED Garage Lighting (No Motion Active)
2. Super bright and visually friendly. The garage ceiling light LED technology with a 3 x 48 PC high quality diode produces a more pure white output (relative to the old yellow appearance from the old bulb), 600 0LM, 6000 K daylight, which areas do you want to take Bright looks brighter.
3. Adjustable design and 360° illumination angle. In addition to the ultra-bright lighting, the three wings of the garage light are adjustable so that you can illuminate the angle of the LED where you want it, with a maximum cover angle of 360° for the ceiling, garage Warehouses, laundry rooms, basements, painting studios, etc. are all very good.